Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

This past weekend my wonderful fiancee suggested we go down to San Luis Obispo and visit my sister, Kaitlyn, you can read her blog here. We left on Friday morning and made the trek down to SLO. When we arrived on Friday we went to Happy Hour at the Cliffs, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area. They have a stunning view of the ocean as well as wonderful margaritas and FREE, yes I said FREE food. After enjoying pizza and cocktails we dragged Brian to see Valentine's Day in theaters. As much as he hates to admit it he liked it =). It was very similar to Love Actually, which if you liked that you'd love Valentine's Day.
Saturday morning we woke up and ran 8 miles, we are all in the process of training for the Shamrock Half Marathon in March, we were supposed to 12 but my ankle really started bothering me so unfortunately we only squeezed in 8. After our beautiful run through the hills in SLO we explored Pismo and SLO for the remainder of the day. We were even able to have lunch as Splash, they have the world's best clam chowder.
Sunday we had what I like to refer to as my perfect Sunday morning. We went out for coffee in Avila Beach @ Joe Mamma's and sat and watched the waves crash on the sand.
It was a fantastic weekend and a great way to spend Valentine's Day. Going home was hard as it is always difficult to say goodbye but it was wonderful to spend such a peaceful weekend with the greatest sister anyone could ask for.


Leslee said...

A busy but wonderful weekend...

I'm sure Kaitlyn enjoyed your visit too!

Sorry you are having ankle issues!! As I was told this weekend, if something doesn't hurt then you are not running... or something to that effect!

Katie-K said...

It was a wonderful weekend! I'm so glad that you guys came to visit : )

Love you!