Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Favorite Kiddos

Unfortunately my future sister in law has strepp throat and with three kids under 3 she has little time to rest. So yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the day with my ADORABLE future nieces. Ava, 3 and Lilah, 2 are two of the cutest children I have ever met. Since the day I met them they have both stolen a piece of my heart and I feel so lucky that I am soon going to be their "Auntie Amanda".

They cam over yesterday morning and we made homemade koolaid playdough and spent hours using cookie cutters to make various shapes and figures.
Eventually they tired of playdough but they found great enjoyment in helping me wash the cookie cutters in the warm soapy water. However somehow they managed to end up soaking wet from head to toe. With no extra outfits lying around I scrounched through my closet and put them in two of my t-shirts, that were more like dresses on the little munchins. However, as Brian and my future sister in law pointed out it's a little scary when a 2 year old can fit in your clothing =/.
After changing into dry clothing we put on Raffi music, brought back so many wonderful childhood memories, and spent the remainder of the afternoon dancing and making cookies. It was such a perfect day. Children bring so much life and joy.
What are your favorite childhood memories, songs, games?

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Simply Mel said...

Cute kiddos! Bet they will forever cherish their time with "Auntie"!