Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby Item Must Have's

Ok so I know I am not expert and this is my 1st baby but I thought I'd make a list of the top 10 things we have found the most useful since Miss Peyton was born:

1. A place for baby to sleep before they go into their own room.  We ended up just getting a pack n' play with an infant bassinet insert so that it can be used for vacations now that Peyton is in her big girl crib.

2. Burp Cloths, LOTS & LOTS of burp cloths.  The first couple months I kept one in every room in the house and quite a few in the diaper bag.  My favorite were the plain white cloth diapers from Target.  Easy to wash and soft on babies skin.

3. ZIP footie jammies.  Who on earth knows why but it is so hard to find jammies that zip and they are the best.  It is not so much fun to unsnap a million and half snaps every time you need to change a diaper, which especially in the beginning is a LOT.

4. A Good Carseat, since we kinda live in the middle of nowhere we spend a lot of time in the car and therefore Peyton spends a lot of time in her carseat.  We have the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, expensive but I believe worth every penny.

5.  A cuddle blanket.  Our favorite has been the Aden & Anais muslin swaddle.  When P was really little it made a great swaddle blanket and now that she's older it's the perfect cuddle blanket.   They sell the brand at Target & Babies r Us but they aren't the muslin ones and are nowhere near as soft.

6. A Stroller, not only do I like to constantly be on the go, I also enjoy walking and jogging, so we invested in a nice jogging stroller and we have not been sorry yet.  We call it Peyton's Cadillac.  We have The BOB.  We of course had the infant car seat adapter for the BOB so that we could use it as a travel system.

7.  Pacifiers, I know everyone has their opinion on these but I would not have my sanity without them.  I personally believe the best pacifiers on the market are the wubbanubs.

8.  A Baby Carrier, when baby is fussy or simply wants to be held and you have things you have to get done, this will be a life saver!  The moby was great when P was little but as she got bigger and wanted to move around a little more we found the Ergo has been wonderful!

9.  A diaper bag.  I would highly suggest one that zips closed.  I love my coach diaper bag but it doesn't close and we have lost a headband or two.

10. Socks, you don't want little one's feet to get cold.  The only ones I have found to stay on are Trumpette.  They are a little pricey but they are adorable and stay on which is huge!

What did you find the most useful for your little one?

The Miracle of Life

WOW!  I have become a terrible blogger.  It's amazing how one tiny little baby can change your entire life, for the better of course.  I am so lucky to be able to stay home with my little munchkin.  She's growing and changing right before my eyes and it's hard to believe that a little less than nine short months ago she was in my belly.  
Life really is a miracle and I remember that everyday when I look into her beautiful hazel eyes.  I can't even believe how much she has changed since the day she was born.

She is so much fun!  She's a great crawler now and she pulls herself up on EVERYTHING!  Her new favorite thing is pulling herself up on the bookshelf and pulling every book off the shelf and throwing it on the floor.  It's quite funny.  Although it probably won't continue to be funny...
 My precious little munchkin.  I am so lucky to be her mom!  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Growing SO fast

My oh my, my poor neglected blog.  It's hard to believe but even with being home full time there are not enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to do.  BUT I must say I am LOVING being a mom.  Everyone always tells you it is the best job in the world and I always knew that was true but I had no idea the overwhelming emotions that you feel on a daily basis for this tiny person.  And I know people tell you that time flies but I swear it is going faster EVERY single day.  I still can't believe that our little miracle, Miss Peyton Lynn has been in our lives for over 3 months now.  I can't even remember what my life was like before her.  Just wanted to share a quick update of how much she has grown!

She's smiling on a daily basis now and has the most adorable giggle you've ever heard.
I'll try for a more detailed update later but I better run so many things to do while she's napping, something she's still not a huge fan of doing =).

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Day Husband Challenge Day 1 & 2

So I was finally scrolling through the blogs I follow and I came across this on Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, and it just really hit home.  My hubs is amazing but I know since becoming a mom I have been really nit picky with him and I need to work on that so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to remind him how much he means to me. Check it out on her blog and link up if you're interested!

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge - Day 1 & 2


Day One:

"The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life." Prov. 31:11-12

To help you get started, have you ever thanked your husband for "choosing you" above all other women? He found you attractive as a person, and appreciated you. Though many circumstances in your marriage may have changed, let your husband know that you are glad you are together, and that you want to be a blessing to him for the rest of your marriage. Let him know that he can trust you to be in his corner.

One of the best opportunities to express your gratitude is first thing in the morning. How do you greet your husband each morning? Is he confident in your love? Give him a "wake up call" that he'll never forget-a big "I love you" and an "I'm so glad I'm your wife!"

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of everyday life and I know how important it is just to give a cheerful good morning.  And yet lately I know I have not been very good at doing so.  
So this morning I made sure to wake up before he left for work, give him a big kiss and tell him to have a great day!  Just set the tone for a good day!

Day Two:

" . . . through love serve one another." Gal. 5:13b

How did you do yesterday with your first day of blessing and encouraging your husband? Was it easy? Was it hard to hold your tongue when you wanted to say something negative? We hope you're off to a good start. (If you blew it, don't give up start again today!) There are so many practical things you can praise, if you look for them.

Today, find some way that your husband is serving you or your family. Does he help around the house? Take care of the car? Fix things that are broken? If your budget allows, give him a new, small tool with a big bow attached. But make sure he doesn't think it's part of a "Honey Do" list!

Maybe your husband's not a handyman, but does he run errands for you? Let you go first? Take care of you when you are sick? Help you make decisions? Praise him for his willingness to serve others. Let him know that you see his unique service as a great strength.

My hubs can and does do so many things.  He is so incredibly talented, I am really not sure there is anything he can't do.  But I often take that for granted so I have made up my mind to appreciate everything he does!  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Guest Post: Moore from Katie

Getting Your Body Back: Diet and Exercise Tips for Postpartum Women

A mother's body changes outrageously over the course of the 9 months of pregnancy and many women are left with extra pounds in places like the hips, breasts and even arms. Media moms, like actresses and singers, that get their bodies back quickly after pregnancy can be deceiving; most famous moms have nannies, trainers and personal chefs armed with the tools to make them their old selves quickly and should not be our role models.

So what is the average mom with a packed schedule and without an army of help to do? Is there any hope? Fortunately, with a few tips and habit changes, any woman can be successful in losing weight and inches.

The most important thing a new mom can do is to take her time beginning a routine. If the delivery was a vaginal delivery, strenuous exercise should wait 4-6 weeks when until she is cleared by her doctor. Just like your doctor gave you information on pain management medicine, circumcision, and maybe even
cord blood banking; the doctors are the experts and they know what is the most effective and efficient way to remain healthy while trying to loose the extra pounds.
I know I was tempted to workout during the first few weeks after giving birth, I just wanted to have my old body back. During that time of waiting, kegel exercises and short walks around the home were the extent of my exercise routine. For more light exercise tips for the first few weeks, many hospitals have websites providing exercise ideas and tips. Remember to start slowly and stop when winded or light-headed.

Before exercise routines can begin again, you can
make dietary changes to jump start weight loss. Make sure to follow all caloric recommendations if breastfeeding because it takes more calories per day to make enough milk for the baby. Otherwise, these changes can also be utilized by anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle. Adding fruit and vegetables and cutting out certain fats and sweets helped me to start to yield results. I increased my fiber intake by eating whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and whole-wheat pastas that were more filling. Yogurt and light cheeses such as skim string cheese were my favorite healthy snacks!

After I was given the green light for exercise, I started slowly and tried for at least 30 minutes to one hour of exercise 3 to 4 times a week for weight loss. In addition, short walks throughout the day with my baby in a stroller allowed me to get some fresh air in addition to exercise. My advice: work up to the longer workout and don't beat yourself up if you can't do as much. Short bursts of 10 minutes can be just as beneficial. Try doing a toning video for 10 minutes while the baby naps. Clean the house for 10 minutes after the baby is down for the night. A 10-minute rotation of jumping jacks, pushups, squats, and running in place in the morning can jumpstart cardio.
Kickboxing videos, hip-hop classes at a local gym with childcare and treadmill runs are good cardio choices for longer workouts when ready. Mostly working on cardio, with toning and light stretching rounding out the workout, can put any mom down the path to the best body possible!
Katie Moore wrote this article. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peyton Lynn Barrett's Birth Story

I started having contractions early Thursday morning, June 7th 2012, but using my timer I realized they were pretty far apart, 15 to 20 minutes. So I just went about my day as normal. Got some laundry done around the house, went and had a great lunch with my family, came home and put together the new patio furniture that hubs and I had bought eachother for our birthdays. As the evening wore on I noticed they were getting stronger and closer together, about 10 minutes at this point. So I decided I should make some cookies for the nurses at the hospital. I made a huge batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and then decided I should at least make an attempt at sleep. Unfortunately that didn't work too well with contractions continually getting closer and closer together. At 4am I decided I needed to get up and get ready to go.  
Right before leaving for the hospital.  

I got in the shower and woke hubs up to get the car ready. We called both of our parents to let them know we were on our way to the hospital and then off we went. We arrived at the hospital around 6am. I was checked and we were admitted since I was already dialated to a 6. They put us in a room but then seeing how many people we had to watch the birth (my parents, hub's parents, my sister and my brother) our nurse moved us into the suite. I told the nurse that it was my goal not to have any pain medication so she said she wouldn't push anything and to let her know if there was anything I needed from her. The doctor came in an hour after we were admitted and checked me again. I was now dialted to a 7, so he broke my water and discovered a little merconium, which he assured me was not going to be a problem. He told us we would have a baby by noon. Contractions started getting stronger and closer together and I was sure I was progressing normally. However, after 7 LONG hours I begin to doubt myself and started telling hubs that I wasn't sure I could do this. Everyone kept assuring me that I was doing great but it sure didn't feel like it to me. The nurse suggested that she check me again so we could see how much I had progressed. Reluctantly I agreed, I did not want to lay flat on my back, much to my dismay I had NOT progressed at all. After 7 hours of contractions one on top of the other I had not progressed even 1cm. I wanted to cry. The nurse called the doctor and he came in and discussed with me how this was not normal and he would really like to start a pitocin drip to get things moving. I was beside myself because I had not wanted to have any pitocin. But after some conversations with hubs and my mom I agreed. The nurse also asked about an epidural to allow myself to relax a little to save energy for pushing. I was extremely upset by this conversation because I felt like I was failing. However, hubs and my mom calmed me down and told me I would not be failing, I was simply doing what I needed to do in order to have a healthy baby. The nurse called the anestiologist and I voiced my concerns about not being able to feel my legs and he told me he could give me a walking epidural, where I would still be able to feel my legs it would just take the edge off allowing me to relax a little, since I had begun tensing through contractions. The anestiologist put in the catheder for the walking epidural and they started the pitocin. I felt better and was able to lay back and "relax" a little. However, the babies heart rate started dropping and they had to shut off the pitocin after only a few minutes. But apparently that was enough because within the hour I had a strong urge to push and sure enough I was finally at a 10. I begin pushing and had a renewed energy level because I was going to meet my baby soon. However, after 2 1/2 hours of pushing baby was still not here. Brian and my sister who had been at my side through the entire pushing process, kept saying they could see the head but then it would go back. Needless to say I was exhuasted and beginning to doubt that the baby was ever coming out. They were amazing, and giving me so much support. The doctor came in and I thought for sure he was going to tell me he was going to have to do a C-section. But after watching me push he said we could get baby out vaginally he was just going to have to help me. He was going to put suction on baby's head and when I pushed he would hold baby in position until the next contraction. So after 3 hours of pushing and a little assistance I was finally able to reach down and pull my baby onto my chest. I can still remember the tears that were flowing down my face when the doctor announced that we had a baby girl. I remember looking into hubs eyes and seeing pure and utter joy. Giving birth truly is a miracle. And even though I wasn't able to do it without any interventions as I had planned I know now that I did not fail because I have a beautiful healthy baby girl!  
Moments after she was born.

Peyton and Mommy

Peyton and Daddy

Peyton Lynn Barrett was born June 8th at 7:45pm, 8lbs 1 oz 20.1".

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Barrett 41 Weeks

Wow!  I never dreamed that Baby B's due date would come and go and we'd have no baby yet.  Baby B was due on the 26th of May and it is no the 4th of June and still no baby.  We went for a doctor's appointment today and he said Baby is still high and I am not dialated yet.  So as long as the NST's which we started last week continue to come back with good results then we won't be scheduling induction until the very end of the week, like Friday or Saturday (which will be 42 weeks).  I love that our doctor is not pushing for induction before my body and baby are ready but at the same time I am going stir crazy waiting!  But I just keep reminding myself that Baby will come when Baby is ready.
Size of the baby: Baby Barrett is now the size of a Pumpkin (19 to 22inches) and 6 to 9lbs.

Total Weight Gain/loss: I have gained 24lbs.  My belly is continuing to grow everyday.  I swear when I wake up the morning it has grown overnight. Now I just want to wake up and see that it has dropped =)

Maternity Clothes:  I can still wear a VERY few of my longer shirts, but ALL of my pants are now maternity or stretchy yoga pants.   I am quickly running out of options.  On Monday because I was sure Baby B would be here anytime I put all my maternity clothes aside from a few dresses into a plastic bin to put away for the next baby.  But then what do you know it rains today and I had to go break open the tub, that's what I get for trying to think I knew when baby was coming =).

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby Barrett arrives anytime now =)!  Every time I am out and about I run into someone who has an opinion about what we are having.  I am literally going to be shocked either way, I really have NO idea!

Movement: Definitely have been feeling movement.  Baby B is moving all day long.  I now have to do a daily kick count and feel baby move at least 10 times in 2 hours.  Let's just say I usually feel Baby move 10 times in a matter of minutes, I think we're going to have our hands full!

Sleep: Not getting much anymore.  Sleep has become a very precious commodity.  Naps are pretty much my savior!

What I miss: Not having smells literally have me running for the bathroom.  Not getting heartburn.  Being able to see my feet when I walk.

Cravings: Ummm... Hawaiian Shaved Ice.  That has seriously become my new favorite obsession and luckily the Pure Water Store in Woodland sells it.  Oh and ice chips and popsicles!

Symptoms: More and more Braxton Hicks contractions.  It's such a strange feeling to have your whole stomach tighten and contort into weird positions.  I secretly keep hoping they will get more and more intense and bring on labor =).  This weekend they were consistently 10 minutes apart and I went to bed each night thinking that this was it but now they have spread out again so who knows what's going to happen =)

Best moment this week: I would have to say this whole last weekend was wonderful!  Hubs and I spent time with my family and then my brother and sister came back home with us and spent the night and most of the next day just being lazy together.  It was wonderful!