Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Anniversary

Oh my goodness, I do not know how I keep letting my blogging fall behind. I have so many fun things to share.
The weekend before last the hubs and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary as a married couple, I do not know where time went. I swear just yesterday, I was walking up the aisle to him to say I do. We went back and forth about what we wanted to do for our Anniversary and when it finally came down to it we decided to head up to his family's cabin in Lake Almanor to be with the fam since our anniversary is also on my father in laws birthday. It was a wonderful weekend full of boating, tanning and hanging out with good friends.
My hubs and a few of our friends!
Sunday, after an early birthday celebration for my father in law
hubs and I headed home for a quiet evening in our backyard
We bbq'd steaks and oysters and enjoyed a wonderful night in our beautiful yard!

Hubs even "did the dishes" or at least his version =).


Leslee said...

Happy Anniversary! It really doesn't seem a year ago ~

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Happy Anniversary!! Has it really been a year?! Wow!!