Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Classroom Set Up Day 2

I did not accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped to today, but my classroom is coming along. I had no idea how much prep really went in to setting up a classroom. My sister and I were discussing today we didn't even know if our elementary teachers had bulletins, if any of my teachers are out there I am very sorry for not appreciating all of your hard work, I always remember the rooms were organized and clean.
I almost finished two whole bulletins. I have decided that I will go with a spot or polka dot theme, so this is our morning meeting spot board. It has a calendar, a hundreds chart and a few other items necessary for our morning.

I found the most adorable polka dot labels through pintrest, which linked me a great blog, PreKinders, if you're interested the labels are on her TPT for FREE, that's right FREE. Anyways being that I LOVE polka dots I was so excited to put them in my classroom:
On a side note, I have decided that I will "borrow" the pencil policy of one of the teachers, I did a long term sub job for, each student is responsible for getting 1 sharpened pencil at the beginning of the day. If/when that pencil needs to be sharpened they may hold 3 fingers in the air and wait for me to dismiss them to trade their pencil. What's your policy on pencils?

I also found this great idea on pintrest, students must highlight their name before turning in their paper, to ensure less no name papers. What do you do to avoid no name papers?

I added polka dot fabric to my overhead table in hopes of sprucing it up a bit. What do you think?
This is by far my favorite thing I did today. I just love how it brightens up the whole room and just makes me happy =)
The cabinets behind my desk however need something. Any ideas? I found this stick on calendar and message board at Target, but it needs more...
I won't be in the classroom tomorrow because I need to run some errands before school starts up again. But I'll be back on Thursday so I'll update then =)


Emily said...

Wow, you room is looking so good! An idea for your cabinets is to use that area to show off student work. In our room we have lockers...on each locker I hang a plastic sheet protector. That is their brag zone! They can place any piece of work they love up for others to see. You could do that on your cabinets. You always have to have one area for them to place all their hard work! HA. I love your polka dots, too cute. In our room (2nd grade) I am the only one who sharpens pencils...other wise it is a fight over the sharpener. But we do a similar thing...where they have a bucket to place the broken one and can pick up a new one from the other bucket. I sharpen after school each day! It's not bad because I don't like sharpening through out the day, a time waster. Enjoy every bit of this...I love setting up all though it is stressful because you never get as much as you want done! HA

Amanda Lynn said...

Emily, thank you! I love your idea for the cabinets, I think I"ll work on that tonight =). The Brag Spot, that will be perfect. Yes that's how I feel about pencils too, as a student I never understood why teachers were so particular about pencils but boy do I understand now.
Thanks for reading, it means alot!