Monday, August 1, 2011


This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending, not one but two very special events in one day. Saturday afternoon we headed down the Pleasanton to celebrate, my hubs godmother's 100th birthday. That's right 100 years young. She is quite the woman and even at 100 years old she still has her sense of humor. It was so incredible to see and feel the love in the room as we celebrated such a momentous occasion.
The hubs family & I with Aunt Hermina
After the incredible birthday celebration, we headed back home and up to Glenn to celebrate a wedding of one of my hubs, friends. It was a beautiful celebration. They had the wedding in her parent's backyard, which was breathtaking and held all 425 guests! That's right 425?!? And I thought our wedding was big at 225.
We felt so lucky to be able to attend 2 such very special events.
I just love parties, especially weddings, what about you?

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Leslee said...

Sure! Who doesn't love a celebration??? What an amazing fete; to cleebrate your 100th birthday... WOW!!

P.S. ♥ your new haircut :-)