Sunday, August 7, 2011

Classroom Set Up Day 3 & 4

My oh my! I truly had no idea how much work went into getting your classroom ready for the 1st day of school. But if I do say so myself it is turning out perfectly! I still have some work to do but I think it will easily be ready for next Monday, the 1st day of school.
Last time I blogged I asked what to do with all of this empty cabinet space and was given a wonderful suggestion by a fabulous blogger. So I started a bragging spot with a place for each student to hang work they are proud of. I think it turned out beautifully!
My dear mother and grandmother came and helped for quite a few hours this weekend and they were so kind to organize our bookshelf, doesn't it look gorgeous?!?
Now I just have to buy a new rug, make (well actually have my mother's upholstery shop make) a few pillows and our reading corner will be all set. I tried to buy a pre-made rug at Walmart but nothing fit my sizing, so I am thinking I will go to a carpet place tomorrow and pick out a remnant. What do you do for your classroom rugs?
My mom and grandma also helped me start organizing the desks and the students books. It is really all coming together.

Today I also had the help of a very dear friend, who put on nametags and set up pencil boxes. I feel so lucky to have so many people willing to help me.
I may be a little ambitious, but I think I may be able to finish, aside from lesson planning with one more full day in my classroom.
Can't believe in one week. I will be teaching 1st grade with a wonderful group of students and very talented staff!


Emily said...

Okay so I have been dying to see what you did to finish up the space (yes I have been BLOG STALKING you, but I promise I'm not a crazy person).

It looks amazing...the kids will love that they each have their own place. My room is similar to yours....tons of wonderful windows! Love it all! You can get it done I have faith and yippee to your first day of school coming soon.

Emily said...

opps forgot to tell you I stole the highlight your name idea you had! You will learn quickly teachers are the best borrowers! HA