Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have never been a person that struggled with decisions. I have always been able to make decsions fairly easily and I almost never get stressed out. UNTIL, now! I get engaged and all the sudden I can't make a decision to save my life.
I mean I am choosing between two amazing locations and I do not really have a bad choice but, still I can't choose.
Yocha-De-He is breathtaking the view from the ceremony site is incredible... who can't picture taking their vows overlooking this view, photo op anyone??? However, there is something holding me back from choosing Yocha. Bri of course is pushing for the Yocha-De-He, I can't imagine I guy that wouldn't, it's an incredible 18 hole golf course in the Capay Valley. However, a part of me can't get past the fact that it sits behind Cache Creek CASINO, who wants to get married at a Casino. However, Yocha-De-He isn't in the casino and the wedding guests never even have to enter the casino unless they chose to do so...
Ryde Hotel has that perfect backyard wedding feel that I have always dreamed about. (picture found here)I can just picture us dancing the night away under the stars with paper laterns strung throughout the trees. The Ryde feels fun, comfortable and safe. Major bonus it is located along the Sacramento River, a favorite location for my family. Yet, something seems to be holding me back from picking either location.
I feel so torn between the two venues...
What do you guys think? How do you go about making decisions? Any hints? Tips?

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Leslee said...

Let's see...

Rock, paper, scissors???

No, seriously I use the pros/cons list. Listing pros on one side and cons on the other. Weigh both lists out to assist in the decision.

Both sites seem lovely and I am sure you and your future husband will make the perfect choice.

Good luck my friend!