Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grandma's Pickles

For as long as I can remember Grandma has always made pickles and they have always been delicious. She usually makes around 18 jars a year and distributes them among the family as they ask for them. However, if you don't give her jar back you're NOT getting anymore pickles.
This year being that grandma knew how much Brian LOVES pickles she decided we should have a pickle making party. Bri and I hosted the party at our house Monday night. My mom, my future mother in law and grandma all headed over the Arbuckle after work. We had over 50lbs of pickles and were canning pickles for over 2 hours. It was alot of work but alot of fun at the same time.

Bri got into some trouble because he wanted to make a few "minor adjustments" to grandma's recipe, something she's not too fond of in her older age =)! Good thing she likes him, that's what I tell him anyways =). So after 2 hours of canning we made 36 jars of pickles and the entire house still smells like dill, good thing we like that smell =)!

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Leslee said...

YUMMMY!!! Odd, I don't recall ever having the pleasure of experincing Grandma's pickles!!! Maybe I need to send some jars ~ HA!!!

Would love a training session...