Monday, July 20, 2009

The couple that plays together...

From the day we met Bri and I have been extremely active. We are both very high energy people and do not sit still for long. Three months after we started dating we vacationed in the Bahamas aboard Blackbeard Cruises, diving non stop. And things haven't changed much since then. Bri and I are constantly on the go, we rarely spend a weekend in town and when we do it still feels a little strange =). I know eventually we'll have to slow down some but for the time being we're going to keep going 100miles per hour (as my mother likes to say).
This weekend we got to go boating (picture on the left) with both of our parents and take a trip to our new favorite place, the Ryde Hotel, for brunch. It's hard to believe that one year from Saturday we will be saying "I do" in their beautiful garden, more posts coming soon on the location.
Also before going boating my sister talked Bri into doing the mini triathlon at the end of August and gues what he wants me to do it too?!? I am not sure if I am up for the challenge but we'll see as time gets closer. We went for a 10 mile bike ride this evening, followed by a 2 mile run with the dogs, they're sure exhausted. I am actually not as tired as I thought I would be but I have a feeling I will be pretty sore tomorrow. What about all of you, have you ever attempted a triathlon? Any training tips?

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Leslee said...

Great layout! You may want to set your font color darker tho'!!

I am really so excited that you have found the man of your dreams and wish you all the best. I was thinking just yesterday that next year at this time you will be a married woman!! Aaaaahhhh! Seeing the sweet hoto that Katy took solidified the fact ;-)

I am still interested in coming our to support your fam in the tri- Do you have the date?