Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lovely Day

Yesterday was just SO wonderful. I worked all day. Then my brother came home with me and helped Bri put up the cabinets in our garage. He works SO hard making our house beautiful. I swear he does not rest for a moment. I just can't get him to sit still. However we did get 5 redwoods planted in the yard last weekend and they look wonderful =)! We're going to the nursery Saturday morning so we can get more plants for the front yard. Anyways got a little sidetracked there. After they finished with the cabinets we went to El Mexi-Kal, the little mexican restuarant in Arbuckle with my brother and Kurt and DeeAnna. It was delicous! Then we went home and watched a movie. It was a really fun relaxing evening. I just love that my brother and sister both get along with Bri so well. It is such a blessing! I am so very lucky! I cant' wait to get home today and work in the front yard some more. It is really coming along!

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