Monday, March 9, 2009

I Phone

So after much much thought I finally purchased an i phone upon losing my blackberry. I LOVE it! It is amazing. It does everything I could ever want a phone to do and more. However, yesterday evening while I was out to dinner it FROZE. I could press the home button and unlock the phone, but once I was in all I could do was look at my contacts, recent calls, favorites and voicemails. I was extremely panicked. My phone is like my lifeline I just expect it to work. I gave it to Brian in an attempt to let him fix it but nothing. All the sudden the screen just went white and nothing would work. I plugged it into itunes and it did the same thing it normally does. As soon as it was unplugged WHITE SCREEN. I searched the internet and found a blog that said you could hold the home screen and the restart button for 10 seconds to reset the phone. So I tried it and it WORKED. So far so good! My iphone is working again PHEW! =)! Technology! I can't believe how much we depend on it now!

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