Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Barrett 23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Size of the baby: Baby Barrett is now the size of an ear of corn, approx..8.5 inches long & approx 1.5lbs.

Total Weight Gain/loss: I have gained 6lbs (as of my last doctors appointment, I don't really want to get on the scale at home).  My belly is  growing everyday.  I swear when I wake up the morning it has grown overnight.

Maternity Clothes:  I can still wear some of my longer shirts, but most of my pants are now maternity or stretchy yoga pants.  However, I have found that now that my belly is bigger I can use the belly band to hold up some of my non maternity pants, yay for more wardrobe options =).  I am still totally in LOVE with leggings and sweaters. 

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby Barrett arrives in May!  We have lots of guessing going on in the family, right now we are pretty split.

Movement: Definitely have been feeling movement.  Baby B is moving all day long now.  It is such an amazing feeling to feel baby flipping and kicking all day long.  I was able to share the movement with my best friend yesterday.  It just reminds me what a miracle pregnancy really is.  

Sleep: Sleeping okay.  I am really not normally a side sleeper.  I have always slept on my stomach so I am still trying hard to get used to my new sleeping position.  Lately I have been sleeping in what my husband refers to as a nest of pillows and that seems to be helping.  

What I miss: Not having smells literally have me running for the bathroom.  Not getting heartburn.

Cravings: Ummm... nothing in particular this week.

Symptoms: Nothing new this week.  Just feeling some tightness in my lower abdomen when I stand up too quickly.  

Best moment this week: Spending a day in Napa shopping with my girlfriends and picking out a diaper bag for Baby B.


Leslee said...

Looking fabulous!!! I'm so glad you are posting these updates :-)

Marina Yukish said...

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Kimberly said...

Love you!!! So glad I got the chance to feel Baby B!!!! =)