Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Neighborly Love

Yesterday in our we had a terrible wind storm and unfortunately it damaged our neighbors fence. It broke off the post and left half her fence laying broken on the ground.
As luck would have it her husband happens to be out of town this week and she was unable to move the broken fence piece on her own. So she came to our house and my husband and I were happy to help her.

Between the three of us we were able to move the broken fence piece into her yard and fence off her yard with chicken wire to avoid any animals getting into her yard, given that her pool is unfenced. Of course we were more than happy to help her and did it purely because we feel so blessed to live in our wonderful little community, but tonight she showed up at our door with hot banana bread and it is to die for!

We are so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors!
What about you? Do you have great neighbors?

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Tammy said...

How awesome are you!? So nice! I have an amazing neighbor! If I need anything, she's there for me. Love her to death.