Saturday, January 9, 2010


My, oh, my I am behind on my blogging. However, I have good reasons. Since last time I wrote a "real" blog, we have done SO many things:
1st, I finished student teaching. It was such a fantastic experience and I feel so lucky to have been placed at such a wonderful school. I still think about all my students everyday and I hope to be able to sub for them a couple times before school is out in June. These are my wonderful 3rd graders:
OH and on a side note, I finish my credential/Masters program January 26th =)! Yay!
We've also been doing ALOT of work around the house (and by we I mean Brian). First he decided it was time for the lineloum to go, so he tiled the laudry room and both guest bathrooms.
They turned out beautiful, so much pretier than the old linoleum. Would you believe me if I told you it was his first tile job?
After tiling those areas he moved onto our Master Bathroom/Closet area. He was only supposed to be tiling the floor, however in the process of tearing out the linoleum he found mold. So I came home to this:
Needless to say I was a little shocked (major understatement). I was in a state of panic, it was overwhelming and neither of us had any idea what we were doing. SO we went to Home Depot and bought a book, Tiling for Dummies, and we ended up with this:
I kinda LOVE it. Two shower heads and two cubby holes. It's perfect. The bathroom and closet floors also got retiled.
So as if that wasn't enough work. Brian decided that the wood floors we had been talking about doing also needed to go in before Christmas. Being that we were having Christmas Dinner for 20 people (more on this later), I no doubt panicked. However, they too turned out beautifully! We put them through the kitchen, family room and down both hallways.
We still need to get a rug but I haven't decided one yet. Any suggestions?


Leslee said...

Dang! I am renaming Brian to "The Energizer Bunny"!! Great job - Does he hire out??? I really could use his expertise :-)

SO excited for you to be finished with your credetialing program...

Katie-K said...

Brian is all full of projects! As soon as you guys are done it will be time to move : )

Tracy-Girl said...

Your house looks so fabulous!! I want to come see it in person!