Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Get-A-Way

This weekend Brian and I got the chance to escape up to Lake Almanor. We wanted the chance to escape before rice harvest went into full swing and Brian begins working all weekend every weekend. This was our view from his parents beautiful cabin. We had a very wonderful relaxing weekend. Both mornings we woke up and rode our bike 4 1/2 miles to coffee. It was a VERY exhausting ride but totally worth it. The pups enjoyed the trip too. Peachy and Cabella can hardly walk today but I think they would tell you it was worth it if they could speak.
Brian and I have decided we are going to get in shape together. Starting tomorrow morning we are going to get up half an hour early every morning to run. Wish us luck =). Any tips?

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Leslee said...

You are so right! This place looks amazing!!! So nice that you can get away for a relaxing time :-)

Good luck on your training - One of my suggestions is to have a partner, which you have already secured. The other would be to document your training - along with a partner it helps to keep you accountable! I like dailymile (dot) com; let me know if you use this and we can follow each others progress!