Friday, September 11, 2009

Things I have learned...

Student teaching has been a whirlwind but in the short time I have been teaching I have learned SO much, here are a few of my favorites...
1. I DO NOT write correctly. Throughout high school and college I have changed my letters, made them frilly and fun AND impossible for elementary age students to read. "Miss Kirk is that a backwards 3, I thought eight began with an E." OOOPPPS =)
2. Timers are the greatest invention EVER. Kids love doing activities in which they have to race the timer and they are also a great way to ensure I stay on track and remember PE, Music & Library.
3. Post it Notes are AMAZING. I have them stuck throughout the classroom reminding myself of various things (my pacing, my things I am working on,etc.)
4. Kids are brutally honest "Miss Kirk your hair is really messy" "Miss Kirk you look funny today" Geeze if I didn't have self esteem issues before I am really in for it now.
5. High Heels are still worth it. I know everyone keeps telling me I am eventually going to to give them up but right now I love them still.
6. Kids come up with the most elaborate stories "Miss Kirk my dog can play the trombone...and the the piano"
7. Don't ask rhetorical questions you will end up having a 20 minute conversation on The Three Little Pigs.
8. If you let one student go to the bathroom or get a drink all the sudden everyone will have to go at the same time


Leslee said...



Leslee said...

P.S. Keep the high heels, they distinguish you from the students...

Sorry... I had too!

katie said...

Dearest Amanda,
Your little sister just shared your blog with me (being computer illiterate myself I would have never found it on my own) and I enjoyed it tremendously. I felt like I was in the classroom with you. I can't believe they would say you looked funny though, you are always Beautiful! You should keep a journal of this experience. It is so much fun to share it with you!