Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brief Update

OMG! OMG! Where do I even begin??? My blogging has been horrible lately. However, I have a great reason. Student teaching officially began three weeks ago Monday therefore I no longer have much time outside of the classroom. But I am not complaining. I LOVE it. I LOVE my master teacher, Michelle Cherry and I LOVE our wonderful students. It's been three weeks and they have already won my heart. I would do anything for any single one of them and I would be happy to do it. It's incredible that I can be having the worst morning in the world and yet the moment those students walk in the door my luck changes and I find myself continously smiling.
Teaching is fantastic and if I ever doubted my career choice I am now 100% positive it was the correct choice.
I saw this video today in class and it was so inspiring I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you:
More about my student teaching later, I must get to bed.

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Leslee said...

Awwww... Amanda I am so happy for you!

I can just see your smiling face lighting up as the students enter your room!

Keep up the good work!!