Friday, April 17, 2009

Flying High

So I am writing this blog while flying to Burbank. Southwest Airlines is testing out FREE Wi-Fi on two of their planes and I happened to be lucky enough to be on one of those planes. It is very strange to be able to surf the Internet while 10,000 feet above the ground. But extremely convenient as well, I could get used to this that's for sure. What will they think of next?
So I am really excited for my trip because I get to see my brother and my of my closest friends, Kelli, who lives in LA with her husband. Kelli and I are going to Britney Spears tonight and then tomorrow we're all headed to Disneyland for a Magical Day =)! I am sad because I had to leave Bri behind, he has a bachelor party but absences makes the heart grow fonder right =)! Bri and I will be back soon enough for my cousin's graduation anyways! Well hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

1 comment:

Leslee said...

How utterly amazing is that???

Can you imagine being able to surf the internet on an 8 hour flight?!??!! My dream come true!!

Have a great time with your little bro' ~ Give Mickey a hug for me :-)