Saturday, April 11, 2009


As everyone knows I am a huge family girl. But as things get more serious between Brian and I I felt as if we should spend some more time with his family. Brian has always been more than understaning about me wanting to spend the holidays with my side of the family and has gone out of his way (three trips from Elk Grove to Maxwell and back) during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) to make that happen. However, I was starting to feel very selfish. So being that his brother and his wife just had their son, Landon Liam Barrett, last week we figured this easter would be the perfect holiday to spend with his family. However, as I sit at home I am saddened by the fact that I won't be celebrating with my family tomorrow =(! I know I am being a bit overdramatic and it's really not such a big deal. But I suddenly feel very upset that I am going to be away from my family. I mean I am thrilled to be with Brian as always but I just wish we could be togehter with my family =). Wow, so as I reread this in my head I realize it sounds completely selfish and I need to put a smile on my face, stop being such a baby and realize that each new experience only helps us grow. Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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Leslee said...

As we grow older and venture out on our own it becomes so very difficult to meet everyones' demnds during the holidays!

Be grateful that you are able to see and celebrate your families 365days of the year; one holiday does not identify you as a good daughter, sister, etc.

Spend each day you have with your family as if it were a gift... Not just because it is a holiday ~ XOXO