Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding hints

So tonight I was working on a wedding binder for a couple of friends and I realized that the information I put in it would make the perfect blog.

Congratulations on your engagement! Don’t stop staring at that beautiful ring! Oh and use the word fiancĂ©e as often as you can just because you can AND it’s fun to say =).
When I got engaged a friend of mine gave me a wedding planning binder and it became a bible to me. I hope it’s just as useful to you.
I also thought I would share some of my wedding planning knowledge from my special day. I really hope it’s helpful to you!
The location: pick a place that speaks to you. Also the more the location takes care of the easier it will be on you the day of the wedding (tables, chairs, dishes, food, cake). My mom and I were very thankful that we didn’t have a lot to do the day of the wedding as it is already a stressful day. Also make sure you like the people who work at the location, you will be working with them a lot over the course of your wedding planning.

THE DRESS: try lots and lots of them on and enjoy every moment of it! Take pictures, make memories and cherish this special time. Drink champagne; bring your mom and your friends and whoever you want to be there when you find THE ONE. And I know it sounds cliché but you will just know it when you find the right dress.

The photographer: If you are going to splurge on anything this is the place to do it because they make the mementos you will keep for your lifetime. Also pick someone you love because you will be working very closely with them on your special day. If I can make a recommendation call Rebecca @ Ford Family photography, she is absolutely incredible to work with.
The flowers: pull lots of pictures out of magazines, look at pictures on the Internet, attend bridal showers and take photos. All of these will be helpful when you meet with florists. If I can make another recommendation call Melissa @ Floral Creations, she is very talented and has visions you could not imagine. Helpful hint if you pick flowers that are in season it is less expensive.
The DJ: Good music makes for dancing and dancing makes for a great party. Last recommendation I swear but call Joe @ SJ’s Disc Jockey. He’s great to work with and plays awesome music. Also he can bring a photobooth, which is so much fun and makes for great memories to look back on. If you do get a photobooth make sure you put it in a location where people have to pass by it multiple times throughout the night, that will ensure you will get lots of great pictures.
Of course I am sure there are a million things I have missed. But just remember to have fun and enjoy every moment of the planning and the big day because it really will fly by. And most importantly remember that this day is about the two of you celebrating the commitment you are making to spend the rest of your lives together as husband and wife, make it special and make it yours!

My sister in law gave me one of the most important pieces of advice after we first got engaged and I would like to pass that piece of advice along to you, “Remember that no matter what happens at the wedding at the end of the day you will be MARRIED!”
Photos compliments of Rebecca @ Ford Family Photography

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