Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Kitchen

So our latest project is finally ready for revealing! Brian & I (mostly Brian) have been working on remodeling our kitchen for a couple months now.
Here is the before:

as you can see there was really nothing wrong with our kitchen. It was very functional and for all purposes worked very well. But since we have moved in we have talked about wanting granite and wanting to get rid of the wood cabinets which seemed to overhelm the whole room.
So we decided it was time to demo:

New granite, new backsplash, new sink, new faucet and refinished cabinets:

Not bad if I do say so myself! I have to admit I am very lucky to have such a talented husband!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

LOVE your kitchen... it looks amaaazing!!

Leslee said...

Need a whistle emoticon... This looks fabulous!!!

Lucky girl!!