Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Girl's Necessities...

In answer to Tracy's blog, here are my necessities...

My brand new bright yellow summer purse, which I just love, it adds pop to every outfit

My coach wallet, the first coach item I ever owned and I still just love it!

My coach sunglasses, I have a black pair and a brown pair depending on my outfit and I feel lost if I leave the house without them!

My blue tooth, my commute gives me LOTS of talk time and without my blue tooth I get very lonely...

My car keys to my new cleaned Celica =)

My bare minerals compact, just in case I need to freshen up throughout the day

My perfume container that looks like a lipstick case, I got it at Christmas last year and it comes in so handy

What are your necessities?

1 comment:

Tracy-Girl said...

Love it! :) The Yellow looks so good with the coach stuff!