Tuesday, May 13, 2008


"The fate of your heart is your choice no one else gets a vote"

I found this quote a couple weeks ago and I have realized over the past month the truth to this statement and not just in correlation with everyone else. Sometimes just with yourself. There are times in life when you're head and you're heart will tell you two different things an it is at these times in your life when you must take the time to decide what the correct decision is. People always tell you to follow your heart but I am not going to lie your heart can decieve you! However at the same time you can't follow you're head because love isn't completely rational. So what do you do you may ask? Well you listen to your intuition as a woman this is very strong thing and if you're willing to listen it will always give the "correct" answer.
As we grow up we must realize that you are responsible for yourself and following your intution will allow you to live your life to the fullest potential. You can't worry about the opinions of others and as much as you should avoid causing others any pain you must ultimately be true to yourself because in the end that is the only way you can truly be proud of yourself and the person you become.

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