Friday, April 18, 2008

Speech of a lifetime

While listening to Randy Pausch's final lecture (if you haven't heard it yet find it on you tube) I found myself mesmerized. This man is facing something I wouldn't even begin to know how to handle and he does so with amazing grace. However if I had to take only one thing away from his lecture it would be the advice he gave to his daughter. He said if he could give her one piece of advice it would be when you begin dating "Ignore everything he says only pay mind to what he does."
It seems so simple like something we all know. I mean for as long as I can remember I have always said actions speak louder than words but I don't think I have ever really taken those words to heart. However, from now on in all aspects of my life I am going to repeat that mantra to myself.
Because I think that applies everywhere. I know that I would have realized the problems in my last relationship much sooner if I had repeated that mantra to myself. Words are simply that and they are so easily twisted and manipulated. But actions they are much harder to fake.
If you want something or you want to do something don't talk about it, don't make excuses do something about it. Prove it! Go after what you want and make it happen.
Recently while reading books by my favorite author Nicholas Sparks I was in awe of the amazing surprise acts of love the characters in the book did for their significant others and I realized they were doing just what Randy Pausch said they were showing their love with actions.
Yes I know these people are characters in a book but you know what I've seen it in real life as well. Recently my best friends boyfriend did exactly the same thing for her on Valentines Day. He didn't give the usual flowers, chocolates and a card with a mushy I love you. He took it upon himself to show his love. He rented a hotel surprised her with dinner aboard the Sacramento Riverboat. And you know what through his actions he proved his love. And not for a moment did she doubt his love for her.
So in conclusion from this point forward I am focusing on what is done rather than what is said!

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Anonymous said...

I just checked out his book on the Last Lecture. Now I am really looking forward to reading it. I just started dating a guy and he doesn't much, so his actions are really speaking to me. Sounds like you have a strong head on your shoulders!