Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Barrett 31 Weeks

31 Weeks

Size of the baby: Baby Barrett is now the size of a cabbage, approx.. 18.2 inches long & approx 3.2lbs.

Total Weight Gain/loss: I have gained 19lbs (as of my last doctors appointment, I don't really want to get on the scale at home).  My belly is  growing everyday.  I swear when I wake up the morning it has grown overnight.  The last couple times I have been measuring two weeks big so it appears will be having a fairly good size little peanut =)

Maternity Clothes:  I can still wear SOME of my longer shirts, but most of my pants are now maternity or stretchy yoga pants.   I am still totally in LOVE with leggings and sweaters. 

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby Barrett arrives in May!  We have lots of guessing going on in the family.  My brother, his girlfriend and my cousin, Bre were all home from college last weekend so we all got to together for the March birthdays and while we were there the family put together a betting pool for when they think Baby B is going to arrive. 
I was having a very hard time picking a day and deciding on a gender (I really have no idea).  But I finally settled on May 20th and a girl (we will see).

 Grandma picked her birthday May 14th and a girl.  

As you can see it was quite the family affair.  Our guesses for dates range from the 14th of May - 2nd of June and it ended up 9 to 7 with girls leading =).  

Movement: Definitely have been feeling movement.  Baby B is moving all day long now.  It is such an amazing feeling to feel baby flipping and kicking all day long.   

Sleep: Not getting much anymore.  Sleep has become a very precious commodity.  Loving my weekend naps.

What I miss: Not having smells literally have me running for the bathroom.  Not getting heartburn.  

Cravings: Ummm... Nothing really in particular lately.   Hubs and I started our Bradley Method classes on Thursday night (because it is my hope to be able to have a completely natural drug free birth) and we are learning all about pregnancy nutrition.  I am supposed to eat 100 grams of protein a day and let me tell you, that is is not an easy thing to do.  

Symptoms: This week was quite a long week.  I started having very strange lower abdomen cramping on Wednesday morning at school.  So after a very tearful exchange with the school secretary (bless her heart, I cry over everything lately)  I went home and straight to the doctor to find out that I have what is called an irritable uterus, which no one knows the cause of.  He gave me a muscle relaxer that night and I slept the best I have slept in months.  Ever since then there hasn't been any cramping.  Very strange.  But the good thing is it isn't affecting Baby B.  As the doctor said after checking the readings on the fetal monitor, "you have a very active kid in there".

Best moment this week: I think my favorite moment was having dinner with the family and watching everyone excitedly taking guesses on when Baby B will grace us with it's presence.  Everyone is so excited!  It's so nice to be sharing this with such a wonderful support system.

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Leslee said...

WOW! Look at you Mrs. B... Still glowing and looking wonderful!

You know, I have to throw my vote in for a May 19th arrival, but would accept a May 30th appearence too! I have to say I'm feeling a baby boy B...

Thinking of you!!