Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Temporary Set Back

While I must say I am saddened by the fact that California, supposedly one of the most liberal states in the United States, has yet to allow gay marriage. I feel a ray of hope that the supreme court has allowed the marriages of those married during the brief window before Prop 8 was denied to stand. However, there is still a long hard fight ahead of us.
As State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg so eloquently stated "History shows us that prejudice and inequality diminish with time and struggle, and so it will be the case with marriage freedom. While the court represents an independent and equal branch of California's government and its decision is the law, we will not stop fighting for equal rights. The cause of marriage freedom is too important and the injustice of Proposition 8 too great to simply give up."
Many people who do not have familial ties with gay marriage have difficulties understanding the full importance of allowing gay couples the same right to marriage. But I must tell you from my own experiences that they full well deserve these rights. To those of you who say that only a man and a woman deserve these rights I am very sorry for you. It is a shame that you can not open your mind long enough to realize that these are the people you have grown up with, the people you work with, the people you are friends with, the people your friends love. You really think they deserve any less than you, get off your high horse!
As most of you are aware my Aunt DeAnn is gay, she has been with my Aunt Dee for 18 years and they are two of the most incredible people I know, so this is an issue very dear to my heart. I know that most of you have read this already but I wanted to share a poem written by my Aunt DeAnn after the passing of proposition 8:

The Gay Community Weeps

We are shocked, stunned, shattered.

We grew up with you.

We work with you.

We teach your children.

We are nurses and doctors.

We are lawyers and engineers.

We are neighbors.

We are sisters, brothers, daughters and sons.

We are caregivers and productive contributors to our society.

We feel rejected.

We voted with you for great change in our nation.

We voted to eliminate discrimination and provide equal opportunity for all Americans.

We feel abandoned.

We are of all faiths.

We accept people of all nations to our state.

We embrace differences.

We will continue to teach, nurture, provide care, and lead.

We will heal.

To those that voted with us we walk proudly with you.

To our youth that sees no differences you are our hope.

I know in my heart that it is only a matter of time before gay marriage passes but to those of you who are fighting so vehemently against it I hope you realize the hurt and the pain you are causing. All I have to say is "SHAME ON YOU!"

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Tracy-Girl said...

I feel the same way... I am almost ashamed to live here... how can we strip people of the right to marry? It just seems crazy!