Thursday, November 6, 2008

Disappointed in California

I have to say I am extremely disappointed in the state of California that we would go backwards and once again begin discriminating against a group of people because they are different from us. I received this email today from my Aunt and I think more people should read it

"This is great. Picked it up off of a blog."
""I would like to say as a 7th generation California I am disgusted with the voters of California who seem to think it is their right to determine the civil rights of others. To those of you who voted for this I ask you to put down your bibles for a minute and imagine how you would feel to have others tell you that you do not deserve the same rights as others. Yes, quit waiving your bible in my face (I know what it is and what it really says because I read it everyday!) and imagine how you would feel if you woke up one morning and you were told that you were not allowed to marry because someone else decided that their interpretation of God told them it was not valid. I am again going to say that I am completely disgusted by the people who have kidnapped my state and my faith and turned them both into something they were never intended to be. Yes, you with the bibles, I seriously doubt that Jesus is up in heaven dancing in the streets as you are down here. Instead I would imagine his head hung low and tears streaming down his face. His tears are for you and your horrible misinterpretation of his message of inclusiveness and love. Do you know what Jesus has to say about Gays and Lesbians? Nothing, that's right absolutely nothing. There is not one single word about marriage only being between a man and a woman or anything else pertaining to homosexuals attributed to Jesus in the New Testament. I have always had such a love for the state of my birth and so many generations of my family and now I too am crying for what has happened there and in other states of this country. Many of you are the same people who are out there patting yourselves on the back to be so unprejudiced as to elect the 1st African American President. But you are not so unprejudiced as to let 2 adult people get married just because they are different from you. Shame on you 52.5% of the voters. Shame on you for writing descrimination into the constitution.""

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